Washington Dollar Face

He looks good on paper.

Since this guy had no given name in the commercial let us just call him the Washington Dollar Face. Which is pretty much what this commercial is about, a guy with the face of the one dollar bill Washington. Throughout the commercial he expresses what he thinks about the new dollar coin which has the face of the famous Lemhi Shoshone woman Sacagawea carrying her infant son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, instead of the first president himself. This decision doesn’t bother him one bit as he comments he has places to go and places to be. Then we see him at a night club, scuba diving, and paying a toll at a freeway toll. Which of course he uses the golden dollar for the toll as well as a vending machine as depicted above. He ends the commercial by commenting he looks good on paper. Considering the fact you get to see his whole face on a bill  instead of a profile as depicted on the quarter. There was only one commercial made for this character(from what I know). And it just disappeared less than a less back in the year 2000 when the golden dollar was introduced. I never hear anyone talk about it to my surprise, which is why it’s a forgotten advertisement since Washington Dollar Face hasn’t been seen for the past 11 years.

Since than I’m surprised they didn’t make a series of these commercials. Cause I can totally see Washington Dollar Face work at an office space along with Jefferson, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, Franklin, McKinney, Cleveland, Madison, Chase(Civil War Treasurer), & Wilson. And throughout all of the commercials there be money jokes, puns, and arguments revolving on coins vs. bills for money. But alas those type of commercials don’t exist(from what I know). Ever since the introduction of the Sacagawea dollar coin, it was at first commonly used then within a few years you rarely see the coin any more. I have a few of the coins my self along with its predecessor the Susan B. Anthony coin, and a JFK half-dollar. Some believe the dollar coin first appeared in the late 20th Century, but after some research the dollar coin has been in existence since 1794! So our nation had dollar coins for more than two centuries, it’s just the bills are more commonly used and quarters are often mistaken for the shape of the dollar coin. In recent years the golden dollar has been revived with deceased Presidents and First Ladies. Also recent U.S. mint commercials are convincing people how more eco-friendly dollar coins are to dollar bills. Which is true cause a coin is more durable than a paper bill. Not sure if we’ll be seeing more dollar coins than dollar bills in the future, but I’ll be accepting whatever is said to be worth a dollar.

So to wrap this article up, here’s the commercial itself below. Tune in next week for an article on the Pogs mascot: Pogman!


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