Nestea Snowman

Cool to the Core!

The Nestea Snowman starred in a series of commercials where it usually starts off with the Snowman being nothing but a skeleton with boots and a snow hat. After getting a hold of Nestea Cool he drinks it and turns into a Snowman where the snow just grows on him. Which makes me wish the Snowman from the 1982 “The Snowman” TV special had some Nestea Cool to prevent himself from melting. Compared to Frosty the Snowman, this snowman has more edge and has a more cool personality than your typical snowman. Throughout these commercials the Snowman has been to Central America where he’s wanted by the police but thankfully they only recognize him by his skeleton form and not his snowman form. He once got trap inside a dryer at a laundry mat, but got his hands on some Nesta Cool to get back in his original form. The Snowman would do anything for a Nestea, he would even go into a Liquor Store when it’s closed just to drink some Nestea Cool. These commercials also had a fair share of collaborations with other medias and marketers. That includes Ice Breakers Gum and advertising “Charlies Angels: Full Throttle”. I especially like how the Snowman actually found a Drive-In theater that is still in business and has a huge supply of Nestea Cool due to him melting every time he sees Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, & Drew Barrymore on the screen. Too bad not everyone liked that sequel when it came out back in 2003. It seem like this character would have a lasting appeal, that is until he faded out of existence in the mid-2000’s. I remember I was surprised they no longer have him on any of the Nestea products. It was like either Nestea wanted no icons for their company or people lost interest in the Snowman. Whatever was the case The Snowman fell into the category with the other forgotten mascots.

The character was a stop motion puppet who always appeared in live action settings. His voice was very deep almost like that of a bear. He would certainly not be a gentle sort of Snowman like the 1982 Snowman or Frosty the Snowman. And to answer your questions I’m not really a fan of the 1982 Snowman cause to this day the ending traumatized me when I was a kid. I got nothing against the TV special it’s just something I wouldn’t recommend as a good X-Mas Tv special. While Frosty the Snowman is more watchable in my opinion including the “Frosty Returns” sequel which was animated by the Bill Melendez Productions (which did the Peanuts Cartoons & the Earlier Garfield TV specials) instead of the Rankin Bass Company. Not to mention that company was known for its influential stop motion animation style. Except the Nestea Cool Snowman is far from being comparable to Rankin Bass standards. Anyways, I think this character was the most unique for anything related to ice tea. And it’s a real shame it was given early retirement. If it was a bland character then it would have been a good thing for it to be gone. But how many Bad-A snowmen can you think of that are comparable to the Nestea Snowman? I’d be surprised if there was another deep voiced Snowman out there for advertising. Don’t worry Nestea Snowman, there are people out there that do miss you dearly and will be there to welcome you back if the Nestle Company realised it was a mistake to get rid of a cool mascot.


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