Budweiser Ferret

Never let a Ferret do a wessel’s job.

I know I didn’t do one last week, but it was my 23rd Birthday, and I had to get caught up with some video games including the Twin Snakes remake of Metal Gear Solid, which looks consistent to Metal Gear Solid 2’s graphics. So anyways I like to discuss the last character of the Budweiser Frog series. And that is the Ferret, whom you might know best as the ferret who Louie hired to electrocute the Frogs and eventually got fired from Budweiser for having a previous career in posing for nude photography. Like the Alligator, the Ferret doesn’t speak but only communicates with various rowls. I’m not sure who did his voice but Frank Welker could easily pass as a substitute for the Ferret’s voice cause I always think of Furball from Tiny Toons every time I hear that Ferret. The ferret is also the only mammal character in this whole series of commercials. And in conclusion to this article I present one extra Budweiser commercial that I discovered not too long ago. And there you have it, the whole cast to the Budweiser Frog series. There are other mascots but I like to take a break from doing beer mascots. So expect something else for the next article.

Ferret has entered the building!

Now on itunes!

A very unfortuniate cat.


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